Belaying at one of three climbing bluffs at the SPL. (Photo courtesy of Al Mikalishen)



Our professional and highly skilled instructors deliver youth and outdoor education programs at Strathcona Park Lodge.

SPL instructors love the outdoors and they love to teach and share their passion for adventure. Our instructors are excellent role models and are chosen not only for their high level of technical skill, but because they are smart, energetic and caring leaders who have the ability to work with and look after clients of all ages. They have strong soft skills in leadership, group dynamics, motivation, skills progression and more.

What really sets our instructors apart is how they interact with the group. At SPL, instructors stay with the same group of students for their entire stay, facilitating and sharing all the activities. This builds a stronger relationship between students and instructors, promoting a higher level of trust and bond. Through this the instructor is part of the learning progression and can interact with students on a different level in order to achieve group goals and personal growth.

All instructors undergo a criminal record check and are experienced outdoor educators who hold current certification in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Other qualifications they may have include: BCRCA Canoe Instructor, WKABC Whitewater Instructor, ACKSG and SKGA Sea Kayak Guides, Swiftwater Rescue Technician & NLS. Many have a degree or diploma in outdoor recreation or a related discipline and some are graduates of our own COLT outdoor leadership semester program. Instructors receive ongoing training and evaluation and are encouraged to further develop themselves professionally.

“I compliment you on the excellent hiring practices for your instructors. They truly are top-notch! Thanks for the wonderful experience.”

Peter Smolik, McMath Secondary, April 2011

Staff at SPL are of the highest class – knowledgeable, patient, friendly, kind and well-trained in their areas. 10/10! I also like that Paul and Ryan took the time to de-brief with us at the end – it makes us feel valued.”

– Shannon, Richmond Incentive Program, May 24-29, 2009