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Equipment Lists and Forms


Please download and sign the applicable documents if you or your children are coming to Strathcona Park Lodge with a school, team or club and give these forms to the school, team or club coordinator/representative prior to your arrival.

Parent Letter

Adult-Waiver (for anyone 19 and over)

Chaperone Welcome Letter

Youth-Consent-Form (for anyone under the age of 19)

Medical Form (must be filled out by all participants coming to the Lodge)

Equipment Lists

Please refer to your school, team or club representative to find out what equipment list you will need.  The adventure program list is the most common equipment list to bring.  The rest of the equipment lists deal with specialty programs.

Adventure Program Equipment List

Specialty Programs

Caving Equipment List

Backpacking Equipment List

Brewster Lake Canoe Equipment List

Buttle Lake Canoe Equipment List

Lake-Canoe-Equipment List

Ocean Canoe Equipment List

Mountain Bike Equipment List

Primitive Skills Equipment List

Rock Climbing Equipment List

Sea Kayaking Equipment List

Trail Building Equipment List

Winter Day Program Equipment List

Whitewater Equipment List

Day Programs

If you are attending the Lodge for a day program you will need to download and fill out the following forms.



WYLD Summer Camps

If you are attending a WYLD summer camp you will be receiving the forms and equipment list by e-mail.