Explore Nootka Sound

Combine sea kayaking and hiking in one of Canada’s hidden jewels, Nootka Sound. This 14 day expedition will expand your skills in the outdoors and the scenery will leave you ‘ah’ inspired.


Explore Nootka Sound

Combine sea kayaking and hiking in one of Canada’s hidden jewels, Nootka Sound. Fly by float plane with Air Nootka to the north end of Nootka Island to begin your hike on the Nootka Trail. Six  days later meet the MV Uchuck III in Yuquot (Friendly Cove) where you switch your hiking boots for a paddle and begin your exploration of Nootka Sound be sea kayak. This 14 day expedition will expand your skills in the outdoors and the scenery will leave you ‘ah’ inspired.


  • Three nights  lodge accommodation (double occupancy), meals and out-trip food (from dinner on arrival day through breakfast on departure day), all group equipment including single or double kayaks, PFDs, tents (two-person), transportation within the package, instruction and guiding services of an experienced outdoor leader(s).
  • Group size is a maximum of ten. Clients will be sent an equipment list and a medical/liability form prior to arrival. Paddling itineraries and destinations are weather and water condition dependent.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars, per person (based on double occupancy), and subject to applicable taxes.
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Day 1

Arrive at Strathcona Park Lodge between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Relax, settle into your room, enjoy a swim in the lake. At 5:30 pm, meet your instructor and group. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the whale room.

Day 2

Review your equipment and gear, jump into a kayak and practice your skills (strokes, rescue techniques and safety procedures) in the sheltered waters of Upper Campbell Lake. Complete your out-trip preparations.

Day 3

After an early breakfast, depart by Lodge transport to Gold River where you will be flown by Air Nootka to Starfish Lagoon at the north end of Nootka Island. Hike to your first campsite located on an open Pacific Ocean beach. (Approximately 1 hour)

Day 4

Hike the beach to where the beautiful Calvin Creek tumbles into the ocean. Swim above and below the waterfall or play in the ocean waves. (Approximately 6.5 hours hiking)

Day 5

Today’s destination is Bajo Reef, a perfect place to examine the rich sea life amongst the kelp in pristine tidal pools. Watch for the colony of sea otters playing in the kelp. Flocks of sandpipers and oyster catchers (birds) roam the shoreline for their dinners. (Approximately 2 hours hiking)

Day 6

Our camping spot is close to Beano Creek where you will be rewarded with a refreshing dip. The smooth pebbles are not only comfortable to sleep on, but provide hours of sorting entertainment. (Approximately 4 hours hiking)

Day 7

The most strenuous day as you traverse the rugged headlands of Maquinna Point and camp at a tidal lagoon 1.5 hrs west of Yuquot (Friendly Cove). (Approximately 8 hours hiking)

Day 8

Enjoy a short, pleasant hike to Yuquot (approximately 1.5 hours), the historic landing site where Chief Maquinna and the Nu-chah-nulth people welcomed the first Europeans, including Captain Cook. Visit the Catholic church with its beautiful stained glass windows from Spain and view the exhibit of First Nations and European history. Visit the adjacent lighthouse, one of few still manned, and one of the most stunning on the BC coast; enjoy a chat with the lighthouse keepers. Walk the beautiful polished pebble beaches, swim in the small fresh water lake, and walk down to the beach side carving shed to observe a First Nations Master Carver at work. Yuquot is where you will meet the M.V.Uchuck III and trade your hiking gear for your sea kayaking gear. When packing is complete enjoy a short paddle from the beach at Yuquot to your first sea kayaking campsite in the Spanish Pilot Group of islands.

Day 9, 10 & 11

Sea Kayak Nootka Sound - In favourable seas, paddle in and around the islands toward the south end of the sound to the beautiful pebbly beach at Burdwood Point. Swim and play in the surf and explore the isolated area of Burdwood Bay with its incredible white sandy beaches, sea caves and secret garden. Camp amongst the driftwood, with an uninterrupted view of the sound. (Daily paddling time is approximately 3-5hrs)

Day 12

Begin your journey back to Gold River by way of Zuciarte Channel and the Muchalat Inlet. Camp at McCurdy Creek and experience first hand the ever changing landscape of the area.

Day 13

Enjoy a short paddle to the Gold River dock to complete your expedition and where SPL staff will be waiting to transport you back to the comforts of the Lodge. Relax and rejuvenate lakeside sauna.

Day 14

Reflect on your journey and all you have accomplished over the past two weeks. Complete your stay with a hearty breakfast and depart Strathcona Park Lodge by 11:00am, with the satisfaction of having experienced a truly special hidden jewel of the West Coast. Nootka Sound is rich in history, amazing scenery and plenty of opportunity to view wildlife.

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